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Our Parent-Tot classes are designed for infants and toddlers up to age 24 months. This class is a great opportunity for you to introduce your child to the water and the SwimKids program. You’ll get a knowledgeable instructor to guide you in our pool where the water is maintained at comfortable 90 degrees.

Parent-Tot is designed to prepare your child for private lessons. While accomplishing this goal, it also offers a great time for parent(s) and child to enjoy the water together. There are usually between four and six other parents and their children enrolled in each class.

The instructor leads the parents in group activities with their children. Each child will also have some individual time with the instructor, where they will work on floating and submersion. Classes are 25 minutes in length.

If a Parent-Tot class does not exist to meet your schedule, call your friends and then contact us. We can often create a new class to accommodate your needs! We also offer 15 minute private parent-tot classes. When a single student attends a group class it will be considered a private parent-tot class and be 15 minutes in duration.


  • In addition to the SwimKids instructor, there must be at least one adult with every child in the water at all times.
  • To create a new class we require a minimum of 4 students.
  • Utah law requires that each child wear 2 swim diapers for these lessons.
  • A child must be at least 3 months old and no older than 28 months.